As a 19-year-old Freshman at Oregon State University, Kendra Sunderland spent a lot of time in the library. What could be wrong with that?

Sunderland told INSIDE EDITION, “You know, I’m known as the library girl.”
But Kendra is getting attention across the nation for all the wrong reasons. So, what did Kendra do? She made a very, very naughty live webcam from of all places, the university library. Now she’s trying her best to explain herself in this INSIDE EDITION exclusive.

Kendra was silly enough to film herself getting half-naked in the college’s always busy and bustling library and touching herself for the camera. Was this a bit of a naughty dare between her and a boyfriend? Perhaps not, because she was silly enough to upload it all over the Internet afterwards.

“The idea of being there, someone could catch me all of the sudden. You know, what would I do?” Sunderland explained.

INSIDE EDITION asked Sunderland , “Are you shocked at how far you went on that video?”

She responded, “Watching it as it went on I was like, oh my goodness, why did I do that?”More than a million people saw the video online. Unfortunately for Kendra, that included local police.She now faces a $6,000 fine for lewd behavior and a year in jail, and Kendra said her parents were not happy about it. Sunderland told INSIDE EDITION, “She [mom] doesn’t like anything that has to do with it and I’m sure my Dad doesn’t either.”

Kendra left school after the incident and is now banned from setting foot on campus.She explained to INSIDE EDITION, “I kind of expected that. I was a little upset. I still wanted to go to the basketball games, I really liked those.”

The employees at the library had no idea she was in the back corner making this naughty video, and she didn’t actually get caught at the time of filming. It was only when an official at the school found the video online (how would you explain “stumbling” across a naughty college girl video online, I wonder…) that she was busted by the college’s authorities.

Making dirty films in a public space like this is not only enough to get yourself expelled from just about any college in the US (okay, all of them probably), it’s actually illegal. When news came out about Kendra’s video, she was arrested by Oregon State Police for public indecency.

Police cited her, but then released her shortly afterwards. Kendra is still going to need to appear before a judge and defend her actions though. If she (or her lawyer) doesn’t do a good enough job at this, she could be looking at a $6000 fine and even 12 months in prison! High price to pay for a silly video…