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Woman Gives Up On Finding Love When She Finds It With A Tree, She Plans To Marry, Calls Tim And Has Intercourse With It.


Most people aren’t strangers to the struggles of finding the right partner. First, we expect the ones we see to tick all the boxes and then as time and frustrations weigh heavily on our psyche we begin to give some leeway to the potential suitors that we interact with. We get into relationships with some of them, and many don’t turn out fine. And with a few more broken hearts we finally just want someone we could build a future with. Someone who we believe living with brings peace of mind. Most people go through this cycle till they find the love of their lives.

This was probably the cycle that Emma McCabe – a British woman, had been going through before she took an unconventional turn. She decided to call it quits with her male species in exchange for the comforts of a tree she called Tim. She has said that their relationship has been going on for quite a while now and that she has sex with the plant on a regular basis. She says that this was a result of men constantly breaking her heart. And so she had decided that maybe a relationship with her species wasn’t her cup of tea. So she was thinking outside the box by going inter-species with her love life.

Emma has gone on to reiterate her intense love and devotion to her relationship with the tree as she promised that she would always be faithful to the tree. She went on to say that she would not lustfully stare at any tree, be it on the road, or in movies and pictures. Reason being that she is emotional, sexually and psychological satisfied by Tim the tree. If she could get all that from being with a tree, then she wouldn’t bother trying men again. She was forever bonded to Tim the tree.

In reaction to this story, a Christian organization has raised the alarm that stories such as this are a blaring sign of the end times. Where all sorts of unnatural and lunatic behaviors seem to be encouraged by modern day society. But for a psychologist, Emma is having an uncommon mental problem which can be called dendrophilia – the love for trees. Although it wasn’t stated if that mental illness could be treated.

Meanwhile, Emma stays firm in her resolve to her relationship with Tim. In fact, they are slated to get married in no time. By the way, her family and friends have no part in that; they are massively disappointed in Emma’s choice. By the look of things, she doesn’t look bothered at all. For her, she has found Tim the tree – the love of her life. And she would go on to be married to plant. Well, if that is what makes her happy then she should go on with her plan.

Sickening moment a middle-aged woman is brutally shoved onto train tracks in an unprovoked attack – as the man who pushes her calmly walks away


A 56-year-old man has been arrested after callously pushing a woman onto train tracks in Hong Kong.
CCTV footage from a train station in Yuen Long shows a 59-year-old female rail worker standing on the platform awaiting a train.
In the clip, which has since gone viral on social media, the man appears to calmly walk behind the woman.
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Thankfully, there were no trains approaching the station and the woman was rescued from the tracks.
She was taken to hospital with ‘injuries to her jaw’, the South China Morning Post reported.
A 56-year-old man was later arrested near the railway station on suspicion of the assault.

Violent moment St. Louis college professor is slammed to the ground by security guard while being thrown out of a board meeting for objecting to a no clapping rule


Shocking video reveals the moment a St. Louis Community College professor was grabbed from behind by an officer, pulled to the ground, handcuffed and arrested at a board meeting.
Steve Taylor, 53, is the adjunct math professor who was tackled after objecting to a rule the board put in place earlier in the meeting that threatened to kick out anyone who clapped.
An arrest report said Taylor ‘aggressively forced his way’ toward board members during the public comment period at Thursday night’s meeting. Taylor denied charging at them.
Taylor told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he later received a letter from the Missouri college telling him he was no longer allowed on campus, which he views as a firing.
‘It was shocking and it all happened so fast,’ he said. Later, he added, ‘I would’ve been willing to leave but I was approached from behind and pulled violently without indication as to who was doing it or why.’

The college released the video showing Taylor walking down the center aisle objecting to the board chancellor, who had just told the crowd ‘the applause has to stop or I will ask you to leave’.
The audience clapped in response to a professor who had just spoken at the meeting.
When Taylor speaks out of turn, the chancellor asks him to please leave the room.

Robert Hertel, president of the National Education Association union for the college, said Taylor sought treatment at a hospital afterward for bruised ribs and injuries to his face and shoulder.
Local police issued two municipal court summonses against him, alleging he disturbed the peace and resisted arrest.
Taylor said he was just ‘voicing his displeasure with ground rules laid out at the meeting.’
In a statement, college leaders said that ‘disruptive outbursts undermine the process of conducting business in a transparent and respectful manner.’
Taylor has been involved in faculty negotiations with administrators over pay raises and other issues.
He said attendees had applauded after a union member’s remarks when the board issued its warning.
He said the board has never issued a similar warning when people applauded members or administrators.

Teacher Dragged From Car, Seriously Beaten by Student’s Parent After Disciplining Student


A teacher in Pittsburgh was allegedly followed and assaulted by the parents of a student after taking a cellular phone away during class on Wednesday, it was reported.

Police said Pittsburgh Public School teacher Janice Watkins was seriously injured by Daishonta Williams and her boyfriend after following Watkins’ car as she left the Pittsburgh King PreK-8 school, CBS News reported. They then hit her with a brick, pulled her from the car, and beat her.

A teacher had called Williams for a parent-teacher conference, saying that her 10-year-old daughter bit a teacher when she took a phone away from her.

The school district has a strict no-phone policy mandated for students.


Williams, who was charged in the assault, later accused Watkins of choking her daughter while punishing her.

Watkins’ husband denied Williams’ allegations that she choked the child.

In the assault incident, Watkins told police that Williams got out and threw a brick before hitting her in the face and beating her.

“She felt a presense of somebody grabbing the back of her hair and proceeding to kick and stomp her,” Watkins’ husband, who was not identified, told CBS.

“And she didn’t understand who it was, but at that point she buried her face in the girl’s body and tried to defend herself as much as possible,” he said.

In the assault, Watkins suffered facial injuries and broke a tooth.

“I ain’t going to lie, I did it,” Williams reportedly told police. Investigators said that she denied using a brick and claimed to have punched her.

“I did get out and I did hit her, but I did not throw a brick through the window as they say I did,” Williams told WXPI. “I did not. I punched her in her face.”

The husband said that Watkins had to go to another hospital after suffering headaches and concussion-like symptoms.

He’s “sad and disappointed that people would go to such lengths against another human being over something so petty,” CBS reported. “I think she can teach again, but she definitely should look for another place to go teach,” said the husband.

Betty Davis, Watkins’ mother, elaborated more on the assault.

“She said, ‘I put my window down and the woman threw a brick through my window,’ and hit her in her face,” said Davis, KDKA reported. “And that’s when she said, ‘I told you I would get you,’ and [Watkins] said, ‘I didn’t realize it was two other people,’ but she said she felt something hit her in the back and it was two men.”

“My heart goes out to the child, because what has that mother taught that child? Whatever it is, you solve it with violence,” said Davis.

During the initial parent-teacher conference, Williams threatened Watkins in front of other school staffers, her family told WXPI, but they didn’t do anything about it until after the attack.

The family alleges that Williams told her, “I’m going to get you,” during the meeting.

Chicago man killed while live streaming video on Facebook Live


His death, along with France murder in which killer took to Facebook Live, highlights the huge challenge tech companies face with live stream video

A Chicago man was shot and killed while live streaming a video on Facebook, police said on Friday, just days after a double homicide in France in which the killer later took to Facebook Live to encourage more violence.

Antonio Perkins, 28, was found face down on Wednesday night in a vacant lot with gunshot wounds to the neck and head on the city’s west side, Chicago police officer Laura Amezaga said.

Perkins was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police on Friday identified the man in the video as Perkins, who they said was a documented gang member. No arrests have been made.

In France, a 25-year-old man killed a French police commander and the commander’s partner on Tuesday, then he took to Facebook Live with a 12-minute video encouraging followers to kill prison staff, police officials, journalists and lawmakers.

The incidents underscore the immense challenges companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube face as they push live video streaming to hundreds of millions of people.

Facebook in recent months has made its Live feature – which allows anyone to broadcast a video in real time – a central component of its strategy. It allows people to stream from their smartphone.

Chicago, the third-largest US city, has drawn attention due to its gun violence, which police have blamed largely on gang violence and a proliferation of stolen guns. There were nearly 500 homicides last year, and gun violence is up in 2016, police say.

The Facebook Live video appears to show Perkins recording himself and a group of people in front of a row of homes before someone opened fire. The phone appears to tumble through bloody grass before going black. The audio continues with bystanders screaming and crying.

The video remains on Facebook with a user warning message about its graphic nature.

A spokeswoman from Facebook acknowledged the video posting, saying it does not violate company policy. The social media site will remove a video if it celebrates or glorifies violence, she said.

Mom says it wasn’t fair that her robber son was shot by his intended ‘victim


Michael Grace Jr. was died from a gunshot wound he suffered while trying to rob a Pizza Hut. Grace was shot and killed by an armed restaurant employee, and his mother is upset. Temia Hariston, Grace’s mother, believe it wasn’t fair for the robbery victims to shoot her son, the robber. “If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” Hariston told CBS News. “It was an act of desperation, but I do not believe that Michael would have hurt anyone,” she continued. “Why in the hell did this guy have a gun? This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear. A headshot is personal.”

According to his parents, Grace was suffering financial difficulty and resorted to robbery to help provide for his own child. Grace was a former employee of the same Pizza Hut he was attempting to rob, according to Hariston.

Bodycam Shows Moment Deputy Suffer Panic Attack While Armed


SEVIERVILLE, Tenn., — A Sevier County Sheriff’s Office deputy opened fire without warning in a mobile home park, suffered an apparent panic attack four minutes later and was forcibly disarmed by a paramedic, body camera footage shows. Deputy Justin Johnson did not mention the panic attack in his report on the December 2016 incident, and he remains on active duty, court records show. Brian Keith Mullinax, 41, and his girlfriend, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, 37, spent 42 days in jail on felony charges, accused of causing what was described in court statements as a “panic attack” and which a detective called “some type of cardiac event.” They remain under prosecution on misdemeanor charges, court records show.


LVMPD releases details and body cam footage of officer-involved shooting (Video)



An officer-involved shooting that occurred Oct. 11 in the East Valley. Officers were told that a separate domestic disturbance call involving the same woman and her boyfriend (Vaughn Charles Morrill) occurred the day prior on Oct. 10. On Oct. 11, officers arrived at the home to assist the womanOfficers spoke with the Morrill through a Ring doorbell system. Morrill was very confrontational and threatened to kill police.”Officers concluded that Morrill was not physically at the property and remained at the scene while the woman packed her belongings Morrill arrived at the home about 45 minutes later at. He rammed the rear-end of an unmarked and unoccupied patrol vehicle. Morrill exited his vehicle holding a handgun and shot the parked patrol car. He walked to over to a marked patrol car, kicked the front door and used the butt of his handgun to strike

Police Release Bodycam Video Of Fatal Police Shooting Of Armed Robbery Suspect



A man was shot and killed by a Baltimore Police Department officer just seconds after police say he robbed a 7-Eleven Monday morning. Police say the robbery happened at about 2:50 a.m., as a police officer happened to be pulling into the parking lot of the 7-Eleven on Harford Rd. and Glenmore Ave. The suspect ran out of the door with a sawed off shotgun. A police spokesman says the officer got out of the car and shot the suspect, who was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. Police say the victim has been identified as a 20-year-old man, but his next of kin have not yet been notified, so his name has not been released. It was later found that the suspect’s shotgun was not loaded, and the suspect had taken $26 during the robbery, according to police

Former Apprentice contestant subpoenas Trump campaign for all documents on sexual assault claims


former contestant on Donald Trump’s television show has served the President’s campaign committee with a subpoena requesting all documents related to sexual assaults allegedly committed by the president.

According to Buzzfeed, the subpoena came from attorneys for Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice who has accused Trump of kissing and groping her in 2007.

The subpoena was served back in March, but just came to light this weekend following the flood of allegations of rape and sexual assault reportedly committed by movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

According to the report, attorneys for Zervos have requested “all documents concerning any accusations that were made during Donald J. Trump’s election campaign for president, that he subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior.”

The attorneys listed a collection of women who have accused Trump of assault, including, Jessica Leeds, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Temple Taggart, Kristin Anderson, Cathy Heller, Jill Harth, and Jessica Drake.

Zervos accused Trump of groping her in a highly publicized press conference prior to the presidential election.

Trump’s response to Zervos’ motion is due by the end of the month, said Zervos’ attorney, Gloria Allred.

“We are hopeful that the court will deny President Trump’s motion to dismiss, so that we may move forward with discovery and obtain relevant documents and testimony,” Allred said in a statement.


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