Beautiful, 27 year-old mother, Tyvitta Dischler, was found dead in her Milwaukee home after she repeatedly tried to get help to leave her abusive husband.
No One Would Listen:
Todd Dischler, father of slain victim Tyvitta Dischler, is grieving the loss of his oldest daughter. In his opinion, her death could have been prevented but the court system failed her.

The whole system failed, Dischler said to TMJ4 News. I’m a dad, that’s my oldest daughter. My oldest kid, gone because a court system and a police system didn’t work.

Tyvitta Dischler was allegedly in an abusive relationship with her husband and she tried to leave him. According to her father, Tyvitta was repeatedly abused and she tried to get a restraining order against her husband. The evidence that she was being abused included dozens of text messages where her husband allegedly threatened to kill her. However, the court commissioner denied her claims of abuse citing insufficient evidence.

The court commissioner said no, there is insufficient evidence. She called me Monday and said, ‘Dad they wouldn’t listen to me. I have the evidence but they wouldn’t listen to me, Todd Dischler said.

Despite Tyvitta having dozens of text messages where her husband allegedly threatened to kill her and an abuse statement, her restraining order was denied. According to TMJ4, Tyvitta eventually went to the police and contacted a women’s shelter. In an effort to save her life, she even contacted the news station by sending them a letter detailing her abuse. She tried several times to get help but it was too late.

On Wednesday, police officers were called to a home after they received a call about an alleged child abuser. A 5 year-old child was hospitalized due to being abused and police received notice that his attacker was inside a home armed with a gun. According to TMJ4, when officers entered the home, they discovered the body of Tyvitta. She had been shot and burned to death. Officers arrested a 49 year-old male suspect whose name has not been released as he has not been charged yet. Before her death, Tyvitta appealed the denial of her restraining order on Monday. Tragically, two days later she was found dead in her home.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!