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Early signs of dehydration — don’t wait for thirst.

ILLUSTRATION - A boy plays "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" on his xbox 360 S. The photo was taken on 06 January 2015 in Dresden (Saxony). Photo: Thomas Eisenhuth

For many, the word “dehydration” brings to mind images of a dying human crawling across the desert with barely enough energy to move. While dehydration certainly can be deadly, even milder cases of dehydration can have physical and emotional side effects, according to WebMD.
Roughly 50 to 60 percent of the adult human body is made up of water, reports The USGS Water Science School. Your body uses water for most processes including lubrication of the joints, moisturizing the skin, cleaning toxins out of your system and aiding in digestion, Mercola explains. If you lose too much water without replacing it, your body cannot perform properly.
Thirst, a signal from your body to replace fluids, typically happens when your body has lost between 1 to 2 percent of its total water supply. However, your body may need more water before the thirst signal kicks in, according to Mercola.
Dry skin
Someone who is severely dehydrated may not sweat. Additionally, dehydration may lead to dry, cracking skin and flushing, according to Everyday Health. The next time your slather lotion on those dry hands, make sure to grab a glass of water too.
Low fluids in your car can cause the engine to seize. The same thing can occur in your body if it lacks enough lubrication: When muscles start to heat up, you may get some very painful cramps. Drink a glass of water to help reduce cramping after a workout session. According to Everyday Health, “Changes in the electrolytes, changes in the sodium and potassium can lead to muscle cramping as well.”
Before you reach for the aspirin, try swigging a cup of cool water. Your headaches could be a sign of dehydration. Without enough water the fluid sack surrounding your brain may become depleted, causing your brain to put pressure on parts of your skull. Drink up and keep your head healthy, according to Everyday Health.
Sweet-tooth temptation
Your body needs water to release certain nutrients, including glycogen. If you are dehydrated, your body may tell you that you need sugar, which often presents itself as cravings for chocolate and other unhealthy goodies. When you get that craving, grab some fruit instead. High in natural sugars and water, fruit will help ease your cravings and get your body’s water levels back up to normal, according to Everyday Health.

Dehydration is often the result of illness (especially vomiting and diarrhea), sweating, diabetes and frequent urination (often a side effect of medications or alcohol), according to Mercola. A simple way to make sure you are drinking enough water is to drink enough that your urine is light yellow or clear when you go to the bathroom. If your urine is dark yellow, you need more water in your system.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ To Be Given Xbox One Backwards Compatability.


It seems a long time ago since Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II was released. In fact, it was 2009.

And whilst we await the next in the series to be released, Call Of Duty: World War II, we may be tempted to trek down memory lane and play some of the older classics.

Look at how quickly Crash Bandicoot: The N-Sane Trilogy sold out when it was re-released for PlayStation 4 users recently – it became the best-selling exclusive launch of the year, beating Horizon Zero Dawn from earlier in the year.

Since 2015, some older games, from the Xbox 360 days, have been available to Xbox One users via backward compatibility.

ILLUSTRATION – A boy plays “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” on his xbox 360 S. The photo was taken on 06 January 2015 in Dresden (Saxony). Photo: Thomas Eisenhuth

It allows Xbox Preview program users, with a beta update to the Xbox One system software, to play classic games throughout.

Currently there are six games on the Call Of Duty listings that are available this way: Black Ops, Black Ops II, Ghosts, World At War, Call Of Duty II, and Call of Duty II.

Well, now we can add a seventh game to that list with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II expected to join the ranks.

A new page recently went up on Xbox DVR, meaning the option to play the game on Xbox One could soon be a reality.

The first-person shooter video game followed Task Force 141, a special forces unit fronted by Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish, and the United States Army rangers, as they hunt Vladimir Makarov, leader of the Russian Ultranationalist party.

The game currently ranked as the sixth best-selling game of the Call Of Duty series, with almost 25 million copies sold worldwide.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III currently tops that list with over 30.5 million copies sold across the world.

We are currently less than three months away from Call Of Duty: WWII being released.

The game will be centred around a squad in the First Infantry Division, and follows their battles on the Western Front.

There will be additional multiplayer options, allowing the player to go onto different fronts not seen in the main campaign. Zombie mode also returns.

Footage released of co-operative mode certainly looks pretty epic.

The current release date is listed as November 3, 2017.

2 Questions That Can Be Answered Only by a Schizophrenic or a Genius / ANSWERS


1. The mask is convex only on one side.

2. The mask is rotating in the right direction.

Who are you? Crazy or genius?

If you answered both questions wrong, do not worry: you are a completely healthy person. If one of the answers was obvious to you, it is time to get a friend that is a psychiatrist.

The truth is that the brain of a healthy person tends toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and extra shadows, “correcting” the picture. We swallow the hook of the illusion, no matter if we want to or not.

Schizophrenics do not have this imagination. Their brains cannot establish the connection between the details. They see the mask just as it really is. For them, the mask is concave and rotates in one direction.

What difference does genius make? Schizophrenia and genius are not that different. But still, it is possible to distinguish between them. Genius personalities possess both types of thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one, and they are able to switch between the types of thinking. They see the illusion just the way a normal person sees it, but they also see the catch immediately. If they want to, their brain may stop perceiving the deceit.

Netflix Co-Founder’s Crazy Plan: Pay $10 a Month, Go to the Movies All You Want


Yes, we all know the moviegoing paradigm is shifting. Especially with movie theaters struggling to make ends meet. A head-turning moment for execs just happened with this summer’s box-office tally. Hollywood will fail to crack $4B in ticket sales for the first time since 2006. That is a problem. The number of moviegoers buying tickets is severely down and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon are making people stay at home instead of churning out their hard-earned money for overpriced parking, popcorn and movie tickets. It’s a no-brainer decision for many; Why go through all that effort to watch a movie when you can just stay in the comfort of your own home, save money, and not have any of the annoyances that come with watching a movie in public (texting, talking).
Mitch Lowe, a Netflix co-founder, had people talking today. His idea to save the industry was met with celebratory approval by audiences, but with vehement negative rebuttal by a theater chain. His theory is simple, how about you let people come to all the showings they want, but they just pay $10 each month, less than the price of an average single ticket.

Lowe’s startup is MoviePass, founded in 2011 its business model is said to be similar as to that of a gym membership. The subscribers would originally pay $30 or more per month to watch an unlimited amount of movies in theaters, the company’s problem was that not many were using the service and Lowe, in a last-ditch effort, has decided to significantly cut the price to gain more members. The $9,95 drop-price will be installed next Tuesday, which will give the company ample time to build up the buzz, which has been deafening on social media today.

What do you receive by paying 10 bucks a month? One showing every day at any theater in the U.S. that accepts debit cards. According to Business Insider “MoviePass will pay theaters the full price of each ticket used by subscribers, excluding 3D or Imax screens.”

Lowe acknowledges that his company will be subsidizing ticket buyers and almost certainly losing money with this new subscription rate, however his argument is that he wants this new model of thinking to prove its value to theaters and studios, and that “in the future they will cut the company in on their additional profits. We’re hoping that if we can drive a meaningful increase in attendance we can share in that success,” said Lowe

It seems like what he is trying to do is start off this venture by intentionally losing money in the beginning to show how it increases turnout in movie theaters, and if turnout increases so does concessions sales, meaning theaters would stop panicking about MoviePass and, you know, actually start supporting them and helping them out with advertisements. Smart plan, but a risky endeavor which, if it fails, could have MoviePass lose a lot of money.
You would think that theater chains would welcome this effort to increase ticket sales with open arms, however news just broke that the AMC theater chain is threatening to sue MoviePass, which is strange considering Lowe’s company is planning on paying theaters the full price of a movie ticket.
All this proves is that AMC’s goal is for you to be loyal to AMC. They probably want you to look at your AMC app and go to an AMC theater every time. Instead, you’d be looking at your MoviePass app and going to the theater closest to you. Nevertheless, attendance is down. Way down. Brand loyalty is the last thing they need to be worried about. Most people are predicting AMC or any other theater chain won’t be around in 20 years, maybe MoviePass is the last-ditch hail mary that they need to stay relevant.

According to Business Insider, “the top four cinema operators, led by AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., lost $1.3 billion in market value early this month after a disappointing summer. The number of tickets sold in the U.S. and Canada last year declined slightly, while box office revenue rose just 2 percent thanks to pricier tickets, according to the Motion Picture Association of America, a trade group. The cost of a ticket has almost doubled in the last two decades, according to the website Box Office Mojo. The average price is about $8.89 this year, though it can be much higher in some cities.”

Lowe is a smart man. He knows that it’s not just the comfort of your own home (with Netflix and Amazon) that is driving people away from movie theaters, it’s also the high price of tickets. What I’ve gathered from today’s news and, more importantly, Lowe himself is that he still believes in the moviegoing experience, that people legitimately have the urge to still go watch a movie on the big screen and that what’s keeping them away are the inflated prices. As he mentions in the article audiences “just don’t like the transaction.”

STAR WARS: How Vulnerable is Snoke? Is This His True Agenda Revealed??


Could there be more to Supreme Leader Snoke than meets the eye?

Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh reckons he’s worked out why Snoke has previously been said to be vulnerable and how that has affected his true agenda.

In his new YouTube video, he says: “One big thing we did learn about Supreme Leader Snoke…is that his vulnerability will be explained in The Last Jedi.

“When I head that I immediately thought of the big statement by Andy Serkis – who plays Snoke – just before The Force Awakens arrived in theaters.”

He continued: “He had this to say: ‘Supreme Leader Snoke is quite an enigmatic character and strangely vulnerable at the same time as being quite powerful.“‘Obviously he has a huge agenda, he has suffered a lot of damage, as I said; there is a strange vulnerability to him which belies his true agenda I suppose.’

“That to me tells us that his health could be at risk right now, but when it comes to power, he is a very high figure: He is the Supreme Leader of the First Order.

“Once we learn about his vulnerability [in The Last Jedi] we will learn his true agenda.

“Maybe he’s eyeing on Kylo Ren to take over his body [as a Force parasite]?”

Zeroh added: “Who knows, but I think Snoke has another agenda. It could have to do with restoring his wellbeing. I think that’s definitely it.

“I think what they are doing is taking little titbits from the [Star Wars Expanded Universe], because they did something like this with Palpatine in the Dark Empire comic book line – where Palpatine is essentially degrading and he wants to go into another one of his clones.

“So they could do something around those lines where Snoke is very weak and he’s looking for somewhere, some place to restore himself back to who he once was.”


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