I’m getting flashbacks to a Dave Matthews concert I attended as a blissful teenager with little sense of what was publicly accepted in the realm of intimacy.

My boyfriend at the time bought us lawn seats to the show. If you’ve ever been on the lawn during a DMB concert, you know it’s a big ol’ party.

Even so, security is strict AF — especially when you’re making out in the back of the crowd against a picket fence.

OK, I’ll admit it: This happened to me. After a few songs, a security guard beamed his flashlight into my face and told me to “take it easy.”

We were just kissing, though. I swear!

I definitely wasn’t reckless enough to give him a blowjob during the concert — but this chick definitely was.

She was videotaped giving her boyfriend (or friend, or hookup, or whatever) a blowjob during an alleged concert in broad daylight.

A video uncovered by Dude Comedy documents the whole thing, and it’s making me uncomfortable.