You won’t recognize this woman when you see the after photos – weighing 1,028 lbs, Mayra Rosales knew her life was at stake if she didn’t do something drastic and fast. She has not only shed the weight – she has uncovered self-love in a time of crisis and proven to herself how powerful she truly is…

In 2008, Rosales lost her son and was bedridden with grief… for years. She became completely reliant on friends and family to help her care for her absolute basic needs. Basic meaning bathing, changing clothes, getting out of bed… think of all the things you do on your own without thinking about it… now think about being 35 years old and having to ask your mother or your sister to help you take a sponge bath and change shirts!

A doctor told Rosales she was taking years off her life in her current state… graver still were her options for correcting it. Each option for major weight loss was accompanied by threatening risks. With little choice but to do or die, Rosales asked for help to begin the long process of losing hundreds of pounds…

Her journey started with just getting to the hospital. A group of 13 people assisted in the transport of Rosales from her home to a medical facility. How humiliated would you feel to see this crowd of people carrying you to the hospital because you’ve grown too large to walk on your own? Upon arrival at the hospital, she endured surgery to begin removing some of the excess weight.

Rosales had 11 long and painful procedures with extended recovery periods before the real work began. After her final procedure, she started a new lifestyle regimen which would help her to continue to shed the pounds over the course of another year…

It always comes down to doing the work. Surgery could only take Rosales so far. A healthful diet and regular exercise are the only magic spells that work when it comes to weight loss. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, how many pounds were you wanting to drop? Guess how many pounds Rosales lost that year…?

Rosales lost an incredible 850 pounds! That’s about how much an average motorcycle weighs! Just to get to the starting line of this mad dash of pound blasting, Rosales had to have obstacles cut away from her grieving body. Can you believe this is the same woman from the beginning of the story?

Nothing makes a person glow more brightly than that of good health (well, there’s love, but, that’s related AND another story). Look at some of these other photos of Rosales’ transformation and you’ll see what we mean!

Can you believe this is the same woman who had 13 people carry her to the hospital? Her story has been so inspirational, it was picked up by numerous news and media entities to include ABC 13. She was reported as having told her audience that you should never lose hope because your one, precious life is worth the fight to keep. Meet the champion right here!