A 39-year-old married man is at the center of controversy for grooming a 16-year-old girl for sex. According to the Daily Mail, Sean Price was caught with a teenage girl inside his mother’s home. The disturbing courtship reportedly began months ago with a SnapChat conversation.

Grooming A Minor:
It has been reported that Price began grooming the teen approximately seven months ago. He allegedly coerced her into sending him nude pictures and as their conversations progressed, he offered to pay for her to travel to the United States to have sex with him. He reportedly paid a staggering $1600.00 for her flight arrangements. Although he resides in Queens, NY, he drove all the way to Los Angeles, CA to pick the teen up from the airport. In a rented vehicle, they drove all the way back to Queens but reportedly had sex along the way. Once they arrived in Queens, he took her to his mother’s home and they had sex in the basement again.

Last week, police received a tip about the underage girl from Interpol and Australian authorities. When the cops arrived at the home, his mother reportedly lied about his whereabouts claiming he wasn’t there as he and the teen attempted to sneak out of the back door. They were met by officers and Price was arrested.

His Wife’s Response: Needless to say, Price’s wife, Rhyse, is devastated. Although it has been reported that she had separated from him and moved to Canada with her 17-year-old daughter and the 4-year-old she and her estranged husband have together, she admits his actions are still devastating. She also expressed remorse for their daughter. “This is horrifying,” Mrs. Price said. “I’m broken for my four-year-old daughter. She adores him despite his absence.” She continued, “To Sean: ‘I hope your daughter never has to suffer the sins you have placed in her name.’”

However, she didn’t stop there. She was also remorseful for the 16-year-old girl he victimized. “I feel for this girl’s parents. I cannot imagine their fears and just what they must have been going through while she was missing. I can’t believe this. He is sick.”

And Now…:
According to New York Daily News, the girl has since been returned to Australia. Local officials released a statement revealing how they were able to determine the teen’s whereabouts. “A number of inquiries were made by police who were able to determine the teenager had left the country and traveled to the United States,” the spokesperson said.

“Collaboration between the Australian Federal Police and U.S. law enforcement officials led to the girl being located in New York State in the company of a 39-year-old man on Friday, 12 May.”

Prior to this incident, Price already had a lengthy criminal history with “11 prior convictions, including a conviction for criminally negligent homicide for the death of a passenger when he crashed his speeding car,” reports the publication. At the time of his arrest, he also had five bench warrants and a number of missed court dates. Now, he’s facing charges of transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Although he reported attempted to convince the judge to grant him bail, the judge refused. Any offer doesn’t give the court much confidence,” Brooklyn Federal Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky said.

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