It’s 2017: women can happily enjoy, and admit to enjoying porn. Just like men. Which is brilliant…except it kind of isn’t, since a new study has found that it can be hugely detrimental to our sex lives.

It’s no secret that porn addiction is a real problem for men, but the effect it’s having on women isn’t generally as well documented. A new study from the University of New Brunswick takes a look at the impact of porn on both men and women, however, and the results aren’t great for us females.


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The study of 1,000 adults, two-thirds of which were women, required participants to fill out an online survey on how much they watched porn and their expectations of their partner.

Research found that women are left feeling dissatisfied by real-life sex, which doesn’t last as long as in porn, and we feel disappointed that we can’t orgasm as easily as women in porn.

Kaitlyn Goldsmith, who led the study, said:

“Genitalia can be digitally or cosmetically altered, depicting larger than average penis size.

“Intercourse is shown to last longer than average, men sustain erections longer and women experience orgasms more easily than in real-world encounters.”

It can also lead to insecurity in the bedroom, as porn actresses are generally smooth and polished.

“The results of this investigation suggest that individuals who consume visual pornography may experience some forms of sexual insecurity and sexual expectations related to their porn use,” researchers said.

That doesn’t mean we should stop watching porn, however. With plenty of sites dedicated to getting women off in a way that’s centered around our own pleasure, there’s no doubt that porn filmmakers are tapping into the – very willing – women’s market.

While we might need to take porn with a pinch of salt (surprise – not all penises are that big), it should be there to enhance our sex lives and bring pleasure. Fingers crossed we’re on our way to achieving that.