akiya Walls was looking forward to starting middle school. Two hours before her death, her mother, Maesha Mccullers, excitedly posted about the new milestone in her baby’s life on Facebook. Like most parents, she was surprised at how quickly her child had grown and jokingly shared that she wasn’t ready. Tragically, her daughter would never live to experience the new journey her mother excitedly shared.

Here’s What Happened:
Makiya Walls, 12, was home with her mother, Maesha Mccullers, and other family members the night before she was scheduled to start middle school. By all accounts, family members and friends shared how close Makiya was with her mother, Maesha. No doubt, they probably were talking about school and all the fun things that Makiya was about to experience. Suddenly, around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, in their Victorville, California neighborhood, a gunman opened fire on their home.

According to the Daily Mail, gunman had exited his car and unloaded several bullets into a downstairs window of Makiya’s home. Unfortunately, Makiya was sitting by the downstairs window and was shot multiple times. Witnesses described the vehicle as a white, possible four-door sedan. It was last seen speeding from the area immediately after the shots were fired. Mikaya was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to save her and she died around 10:00 p.m. that night.

Neighbors shared that Mikaya was a good kid with a bright smile. She was very sweet and was often seen walking her dog. Speaking to the Daily Press, neighbor Linda Fierro shared how she initially thought the loud noises were fireworks.

“They were just too close together. Then, I saw the neighbors come out screaming that their daughter had been shot.’

Police have no motive for the shooting and are still looking for the suspect.

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