Orange County police discovered nine loaded firearms inside the home of a 39-year-old West Hollywood man who posted a bizarre series of video rants about Donald Trump and a threat to go on a “killing spree.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, police were contacted by staff members at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, after Smith, a former student sent a faculty member “a link to a YouTube video that showed him sitting with a semiautomatic pistol on his chest talking about the university,” according to the Sheriff’s department. That video was not made public.

David Kenneth Smith has been charged with one felony count of making criminal threats on Monday, a few days after he was arrested by Orange County deputies.

Smith released dozens of YouTube videos about Donald Trump, philosophy, and science fiction reviews. In a video dating to November 1st, Smith posted a bizarre 2-minute rant about the pros and cons of going on a murder spree.

Well, what should I do? Should I just be homeless, or should I go on a killing spree? I go on a killing spree because I think being homeless is an entirely artificial situation. It’s a situation that we made up. It’s not like starving or famine because the crops didn’t grow because you didn’t know what to do.”

“No, homelessness is an entirely artificial and abstract creation of our own minds okay? On how we justify people starving in the streets and not giving them food. And compared with that I would rather go on a killing spree. I’m sorry folks. I’m just saying,” he said.

“I don’t promote killing but if you’re killing me then I’m going to defend myself. Which means I’ll go on a killing spree because I’m not—I’m just not here to obey every rule you guys ever made, okay? I was born to be who I was. See?” Smith continued.

“And the other idea is like, okay, so let’s say I commit suicide,” said Smith, who mimed shooting himself in the head. “Go like good old dad. Well, you know what, you see my dad had a reason to commit suicide. He had an incurable medical condition that all of society wouldn’t even admit existed except very tertiarily. And so he committed suicide and that was his choice.”

“But if it comes to my choice, let’s see, gee, what should I do? Should I commit suicide and just die off in a corner while all of you folks out there are just, you know, ‘Well I guess that problem took care of itself didn’t it? We all never have to have any reckoning for what we did to him and so many other people.’ See, I want to go on a killing spree.”

In other videos, which he posted under the name “King David,” Smith complained about President Trump. In one video, Smith praised Barack Obama and claimed that Trump was “trying to kill us” by dismantling Obama’s legacy. 

“Investigators believed the suspect’s threats were credible and an attack possible,” the Sheriff’s Department stated, adding that investigators discovered four revolvers, three shotguns and two rifles at Smith’s West Hollywood home when they arrested him on November 2.

According to the statement, Smith was apparently angered by a punishment he received at Soka University for marijuana use in 2008. The school is described as a “non-profit four-year liberal arts college and graduate school” founded on Buddhist principles.

Police say that the in the video he sent directly to the instructor, he referred to himself as a “journalist” for a “major metropolitan newspaper.”

Smith is currently being held on a $1 million bail.