Intuition is something that you cannot learn. It is something you have all your life and pushes you to make decisions on any kind of topic. Your intuition answers questions based on no logical reasoning but it acts as a gut feeling which tells you what to do or what to choose. It acts more than a gut feeling because with a gut feeling you feel a certain way towards a decision. With your intuition, instead of feeling a certain way, you know a certain thing without actually knowing the logic behind it.

So, what kind of questions could you get that would test your intuition? They won’t be based on any logic whatsoever therefore you’re going to have to trust your intuition on this. And keep in mind you may not be listening to your intuition one hundred percent of the time which is why you might get some wrong.

Which three treasure chests contain the gold?

What does your intuition tell you about this question? Which three of these chests hold actual gold in them?

See the answer below once you’ve decided.

Now that you know whether you were right or not, see how good your intuition is with this rating scale.