An officer-involved shooting that occurred Oct. 11 in the East Valley. Officers were told that a separate domestic disturbance call involving the same woman and her boyfriend (Vaughn Charles Morrill) occurred the day prior on Oct. 10. On Oct. 11, officers arrived at the home to assist the womanOfficers spoke with the Morrill through a Ring doorbell system. Morrill was very confrontational and threatened to kill police.”Officers concluded that Morrill was not physically at the property and remained at the scene while the woman packed her belongings Morrill arrived at the home about 45 minutes later at. He rammed the rear-end of an unmarked and unoccupied patrol vehicle. Morrill exited his vehicle holding a handgun and shot the parked patrol car. He walked to over to a marked patrol car, kicked the front door and used the butt of his handgun to strike