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Poor Dog Loses A Dog Fight, Brutal Owners Cut Off Its Ears As Punishment! (Video)


Two men were reportedly arrested after cutting a dog’s ears.

Photographs of the two men, identified as Hasan Kuzu and Neset Yaman, standing next to a dog whose ears have just been cut off have been circulating online. The photos instantly sparked anger among netizens which led to a petition to punish them.

Details behind the photos are unclear, but reports indicate the two men may have been involved in a dog fight.

Apparently, the pair punished the dog by cutting the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife after losing a fight.

Apparently, the pair punished the dog by cutting the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife after losing a fight.

Proud of their brutality, they pose for photos, each with a piece of the dog’s ear in their hands.

A video which has been taken down shows the poor dog screaming in pain.

A video which has been taken down shows the poor dog screaming in pain.

After a petition to get justice for the dog, authorities have since busted up the animal fighting ring, which led to a number of dogs and roosters being seized.

The two men have been arrested and fined roughly $1,150 for their crimes. Unfortunately, the poor earless canine is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the incident happened in the municipality of Isparta, Turkey.

Fun Test: The First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation

Psychologists suggest the face that you see first in this image hints at some changes you may expect shortly.
If you’re a girl and see a girl’s face first, you might consider getting ready for happy and positive events in the future. The girl is looking upwards, and you too similarly are looking at the skies with hope in your heart and positivity all around. Being a girl and seeing a girl’s face also shows you’re content with who you are and at peace with your individuality. It is a sign of confidence.

If you’re a boy and see a girl’s face, you’re fixated on the opposite gender. You tend to be affected too much by what they have to say. And currently, there might be some women in your life that are causing you happiness or distress. And you’re looking too desperately for validation by them. It’s time you accept yourself as you are, relax and move on. It’s most likely they’re not going anywhere. Your future, however, holds great prospects and professional successes. Focusing on things that matter might just be a good idea right now.


If you’re a girl and see a guy’s face, it symbolizes your want for a partner, or the coming of your prince charming soon or maybe your connection with a prince charming you’ve already found. They are occupying quite a bit of your mind, and that’s good. Since the guy’s face shows changes in love life and healthy changes that you need.

If you’re a guy and see a guy’s face, you might be concerned about some guy at work, family, or even your sports team. It can be a good or a bad concern, but that guy can be on your mind, especially when you’re going to sleep. It’s time to put that to rest since it’s just something that will pass and you need not spend more time on it.

Look closely at the picture below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are on the inside. This might mess up with your head but it gives a true reflection of your current state of mind.

A car:

If you see a car, it means you are fixated upon the ideals of freedom and having things your way. The car is also a small part of the picture, so it exemplifies your ability to delve into detail and find out the most meticulous of things in any situation. The signifies your tendency to brood over the details, and it might, at times, hamper your overall judgment, especially in adverse circumstances. While being detail oriented can be a good thing, forgetting the bigger picture too often can lead you into making bad decisions.

A man with binoculars:

If you first saw the man with binoculars, you’re entirely concerned with the bigger picture and tend to miss out on important details. Also since the man with binoculars is the entire image, you may be prone to gathering data in quick glances instead of properly thinking things through. Although being fixated on the bigger picture is usually a good thing, sometimes, details matter too.

The alphabet A:

The letter A is a lighter color and is thus somewhat difficult to figure out initially. Identifying it first shows you have a rare ability to see things most people miss. You can be best suited for some detective work where you have to think outside the box to figure out a murder. The least amount of people noticed the alphabet ‘a’ in the picture.

Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

Palmistry is an ancient practice characterized as the ability to tell one’s future through the study of your palm. Dating back to roots of Hindu astrology and Gypsy fortune tellers several thousand years ago, it is now known and practiced worldwide.
There are a number of specific lines on the palm that a palm reader will focus on, each with its own unique connections and meanings. One important line is that of the heart line, otherwise known as the love line. Running from the edge of the palm under the little finger across to area in which the middle finger and/or forefinger joins the hand – this line has been found to have deep meaning in the areas of love and affection.
While some may pay attention to just the line on one palm, using it in order to predict if you do or do not have deep affection in your life, if your emotions are complicated or simple, and how smooth you can predict your love life and subsequent marriage will go – there has also been found to be a connection between the location of this line when comparing your two palms.
Place your palms together and look at the way in which the love line lines up, and then read on to find out what this means.


These individuals do not believe that love is a necessary factor in their life for happiness, completely content to be on their own. For this reason, they are willing got wait however long it may take to find the ‘right’ person rather than rushing into a relationship just to avoid being single for too long. They are attracted to people who are different from themselves in some way – largely drawn to those that are significantly younger or those of different nationalities and cultures. Highly self-confident, they easily overcome hardships in life and are willing to work through the tough times in a relationship if they believe that it is ‘the one.’


These individuals take love VERY serious and prefer to be in constant, long-term relationships. They are not afraid of the time, energy and dedication that a real relationship will take, more than prepared to fight for something that they feel strongly about. Highly rational and valuing the importance of a steady routine, they are highly disturbed when something changes, especially last minute. They are soft spoken and caring, often reaching out to care for others in their times of need.


These people are old souls. Wise beyond their years, they have a unique outlook on life. They are not one to fall into the trends of modern society, instead choosing to live life by their own set of social rules which often date back to the times of chivalry and respect. They are highly intuitive and possess a sixth sense that is rarely, if ever, wrong. These individuals find themselves drawn to older partners and friends as they operate at a much more mature level than others their age.

The Man Outside Or inside the house? Answer Will Reveal Your Personality


In the present personality test, you will have to observe the drawing that we offer you in the inferior part and attend to the perspectives and your impression of them. In what place is the man sitting and leaning on the table? Inside the house or outside? As you can see, it is a special painting that points to a kind of interior with walls strangely from the outside. There is no good or bad answer, it will simply reveal something of your interior that until now remained hidden.

This means that you are a human being who does not seek conflicts at any time, but rather you want to seek agreements between conflicting parties and you do not choose to settle for any side since you do not believe in “war” (unless it is totally essential). Your temperament is quite complex, and not many people go deep into your mind to understand you. That’s why misunderstandings are occasional…
You prefer calm before any irrelevant “storm”. Sometimes you stand out for your sagacity, without just showing it, with simple gestures. Many close beings know of this and how well you can hear them and do not hesitate to ask you about their problems. You know how to think beyond many adverse circumstances, and you do not let yourself be defeated at any time. A great potential to solve wrongs that you prefer not to use much.

Outside the house

If, on the contrary, you see our protagonist on the outside, surely indicate that you are a being who appreciates honesty and frankness above all things. A priority that you keep as a treasure, despite what others may think or the problems you can get into since truth hurts and stings. This is why you also have friends as enemies…
Consequently, you know how to convey your opinions, ideas, and emotions to others without barely censoring anything out of fear, you prefer that they understand you without problems. You do not like to depend on anyone and you think that in order for something to work out, you better do it on your own. However, you value teamwork to reach shared goals in any field. If you persevere you will be able to opt for a position of importance leading to faithful employees…

In and out of the house

You are a highly original and creative being. Your imagination does not get bored at any moment of your life, nor do you allow the same thing to happen to your relatives. You also characterize yourself for your sense of humor, because your wit often amuses others by punctuating and pointing in a humorous way to the absurdity of life. Even if they are angry with you, you will make them laugh irreparably, it is the gift with which you were born, and everyone knows…

Also, you could say that you have a clinical eye, a sharp perception to see things as they are. The little details mean a lot in your routine and sometimes you seem exaggerated for others, but it is necessary for you to find your peace and harmony. This is how your empathy is also deep, and you can understand your loved ones by putting yourself in their place. Although you do not get used to opening yourself, your true friends love you and count on you for anything…

So we come to the end of our psychological test, we hope that we have inspired or at least entertained you. What do you think? Were you surprised by the information about your interior? Tell us, we are interested. Before concluding we must communicate that the descriptions seen in the previous sections lack the scientific basis, as they have not been reviewed by a person skilled in the art. They will then have to be the users that judge their validity

She-Thugs Slash Her Face & Threaten Her Child, Then Fed-Up Ohio Woman Goes Full Momma Bear


An Ohio woman was horrified when two violent she-thugs broke through her front door. Shockingly, the victim was severely slashed on her face by one assailant while the other suspect held the door open. The bleeding victim retreated into her home as the two attackers followed and turned their attention toward her 10-year-old child. That was all it took for the fed-up victim to go full momma bear on the intruders, and rightfully so.

Police said that 25-year-old Brindia Dominque Renee Thompson and an unidentified accomplice attempted to invade a residence in Middletown on the 600 block of Wilson Street.

Armed with a knife, the two suspects broke into the front door as the woman inside tried desperately to hold it shut. According to Lt. Jimmy Cunningham of Middletown Police Department, that is when one assailant brutally slashed the victim’s face, causing severe injuries.

When the horrified mom realized she could not hold the door, she retreated into her home as the two suspects followed her. Police said the victim, identified as 34-year-old Kristina King, then watched in horror as Thompson turned toward her 10-year-old son.Feeling that her child’s life was in danger, King grabbed her gun and fired at the two women, according to Local12. Police said that Thompson was shot and immediately fled the scene with her accomplice in a newer, dark colored Cadillac STS type vehicle with tinted windows. Detectives later located Thompson at University of Cincinnati Medical Center seeking treatment for her gunshot wounds.
The other woman, who has not yet been identified, is still being sought by police while Thompson is now a resident of the Middletown jail and is being charged with multiple counts, including aggravated burglary and felonious assault. Additional charges are pending, according to police investigators. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts or identity of Thompson’s accomplice is being asked to contact Detective Tom McIntosh at 513-425-7785

These two she-thugs never anticipated that their victim fighting back, and that is how most of these brutal attacks take place. The punks show up in greater numbers, thinking that the victims won’t have a chance. This time, they were wrong. The victim was prepared and ready to defend herself and her child. Every week in our country, we see scum bags like Thompson victimizing innocent people for their own personal gain.

Like many other American patriots who exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, King kept a firearm in her home. She wasn’t about to let herself or her child become more names on the list of people killed by criminals in Ohio. Although the home invasion and brutal assault must have been horrifying for King, it must have been a good feeling to send both of those she-thugs running from her home. This shocking story reminds us that an armed society is a just society.

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Central Mexico earthquake kills more than 200, topples buildings


(CNN) — Rescuers searched for survivors through the night after Tuesday’s powerful earthquake shook Mexico City and surrounding states, killing scores and leaving many trapped under collapsed buildings.

At least 248 people died in Mexico City — the country’s capital — and in the states of Puebla, Mexico and Morelos, officials said.

The epicenter of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake was 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) east-northeast of San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles (55 km) south-southwest of the city of Puebla, in Puebla state, according to the US Geological Survey.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said 22 bodies were found in the debris of an elementary school in Mexico City that collapsed due to the earthquake. At least 30 children were still missing Tuesday night, he said.

“We are facing a new national emergency,” Peña Nieto told citizens earlier on his first address following the earthquake.

Thousands of soldiers, rescuers and civilians — including college students — were working side by side to dig through tall piles of rubble after dozens of buildings crumbled earlier on Tuesday.


Some carried away buckets full of debris while others called out the names of those who have been rescued. At times, rescuers asked for total silence as they tried to hear voices coming from under the debris.

The quake left the busiest city in Mexico in chaos. Windows buckled and shattered, falling several stories to the ground while thousands of people streamed into the streets running away from buildings and potential gas leaks.

People struggled to get home when power poles that toppled in the quake blocked the streets and the public transportation system temporarily shut down operations. Nearly 5 million customers were still without power early Wednesday.

All public and private schools in Mexico City and some of the states affected by the earthquake will remain closed until further notice, Education Minister Aurelio Nuño tweeted.

Tuesday’s earthquake took place on the anniversary of a devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Mexico City in 1985. Just hours before the quake hit, many people took part in drills and commemorative events.

“God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you,” US President Donald Trump tweeted.

Photographer: Moment turns to terror

Adrian Wilson, a photographer from New York City who was visiting his fiancee, was eating in the capital when the earthquake struck.

“The floor gently rocked as if a big truck went by,” Wilson said. “It then amplified in waves and the whole room started shaking. The building is from the 1930s and just survived a big earthquake, so I knew I would be OK.”

Wilson told CNN: “The doors were flapping open, the windows, everything.”

He took a quick video to show his children, he said.

“It’s almost a roller coaster ride, where you think, wow, this is kind of cool. But then all of a sudden, you’re like this isn’t cool at all,” he said.

He looked outside and saw helicopters, and burning and collapsed buildings. “Then you realize … this is no joy ride for anybody.”

Ricardo Ramos, a TV producer from Los Angeles, was scouting a location in a Mexico City cafe when the quake hit. He ran out into the street.

“Thank you, God, for keeping us safe once again. We got to experience another terrible #earthquake, this time during a location scout,” he wrote on Instagram.

‘It was nerve-wracking’

Luis Ramos, who owns an airline business management company, said he was in a meeting near Mexico’s main airport when the ground started to shake.

“We evacuated and when we got outside the roads were moving up and down and trees were falling,” he told CNN. “It was nerve-wracking. ”

Ramos said he got into a car with his driver and went to check on his 99-year-old grandfather, Pedro Cabrero, who lives in a high rise.

“On the elevated roadway, I could see smoke and hear explosions,” he said. “I saw a lot of damaged buildings where the exteriors had fallen. I saw some collapsed buildings.”

Ramos said his grandfather was safe. After the earthquake, the two drove around the capital trying to find a place to eat. “He tells me he’s ready for a tequila,” he said of his grandfather.

‘Furniture fell over’

The September 19, 1985, earthquake registered at magnitude-8.0 and killed an estimated 9,500 people in and around Mexico City. That quake left a huge scar on the city, resulting in changes in building codes and greater protections against earthquakes, such as the drills that took place hours earlier.

Dorothy Munoz told CNN that she was watching a TV special on the 1985 earthquake when the earth shook for real.

“A fish tank fell to the floor,” the Mexico City resident said. “Decorations around the apartment fell and broke. Furniture fell over.”

Munoz grabbed her dogs and raced to the street, where people were told not to return to their apartments until buildings were checked for structural damage and gas leaks.

Tuesday’s earthquake came more than one week after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck off the southern coast of the country, killing at least 90, according to the governor of the hard-hit state of Oaxaca.

“This is one of those moments where we all need to come together,” Ramos said.

Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory !!!


In the last few years there were many controversy regarding the food served at McDonald’s. Still, all of you will agree that the latest speculation about the meat this famous fast food chain uses exceeds all expectations.

Namely, there is one report which contains a shocking audio confession by a man claiming McDonald’s uses human meat as a filler in their 100% beef hamburgers along with proved facts that McDonald’s has been accused of using worm meat fillers was published recently.

This shocking report impelled food inspectors to investigate the matter further. What is even more shocking, allegedly they have found human and horse meat in the freezers of an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory. In addition, inspectors found human meat in several trucks on their way to deliver the burgers to the fast food restaurants.

There are other reports that suggest that upon inspecting McDonald’s factories and food restaurants throughout the country, food authorities found human meat in even 90% of the locations, while horse meat was found in 65% of the locations.

Lloyd Harrison is FBI agent, and for Huzler he stated: “The worst part is that it’s not only human meat, it’s child meat. The body parts were found across the US factories and were deemed too small to be adult body parts. This is truly horrible.”

When it comes to cannibalism it originated thousands of years ago. Actually there are few tribes today that still practice it as a cultural cult.

Unfortunately we can conclude that cannibalism is present in the modern world. In 2013 a North Korean man was sentenced to death for killing his children for food. In America the people who supported eating human meat, Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish, were proclaimed insane.

After these investigations and breakthroughs, the public and consumers are expecting answers from McDonald’s fast food restaurants. The question is how long has this human meat been used? Where did those children come from?

It is fact that McDonald’s facilities are under thorough investigation and authorities are hopeful to have all of these questions answered as soon as possible. Well, our advice is at the meantime to avoid these places and their food altogether!

Shocking! 50 Cent Shot 9 Times Again Outside His Home. Meek Mill Might Be The Culprit!


After Meek Mill dropped a track called “Give ’em hope” wherein he disses 50 Cent, they have been on an ever-growing war with one another. Meek also referred to Vivica Fox’s comments about 50 being gay. New York police have alleged that 50 Cent might have been shot 9 times Monday afternoon outside his home in Connecticut.

Meek Mill allegedly traveled down from his hometown in Philadelphia.

He did it for the sole purpose of ending the life of 50 Cent. Meek was infuriated by 50 Cent’s posts on Instagram about him.

Serial killer Joanna Dennehy ‘besotted’ with ‘highly intelligent’ woman lecturer she met in jail


Serial killer Joanna Dennehy is “besotted” with a former university lecturer jailed for attacking police and hospital staff, it has been claimed.

Dennehy, 35, murdered three men and stabbed two more before she was locked up for life in 2013.

She is said have struck up an intense friendship with a fellow inmate Alexandra Crouzieres at Bronzfield Prison for women in Ashford, Surrey.

The 37-year-old mum was serving her second spell behind bars for racially abusing a doctor, biting a nurse and assaulting two police officers during an appalling incident at Maidstone Hospital.

Crouzieres was not long out of prison having been jailed for dangerous driving having crashed her car while more than three times the legal alcohol limit.

Despite her thuggish behaviour, she is described as “highly intelligent” and once lectured at a college.

Sources say she met Dennehy in the prison gym and became “inseparable”.

She has since visited her several times after being released.

The pair sparked a security alert when Crouzieres gave Dennehy a ring.

When approached by The Sun, Crouzieres denied the two women are a couple: “She’s just one of many friends I made in jail.

“When I go there we chat about nails and shoes and clothes and celebrities.”

Dennehy lost a claim for compensation last year over being locked up in solitary.

She was granted legal aid and her QC told the High Court his client had been left “tearful and upset”.

But a judge threw the case out.

Similar cases have led to bills totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Dennehy was given a whole- life sentence after killing Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, Kevin Lee, 48, and John Chapman, 56, in Peterborough, Cambs.

She also pleaded guilty to the attempted murders of Robin and John Rogers, 57, in Hereford.

She told a psychiatrist “killing just got more-ish”.

After being locked up at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey, Dennehy plotted to slay a guard and use their severed finger to bypass biometric security.

How notorious serial killer John Joubert’s days of slaying children came to an end


On Sept. 18, 1983, Danny Joe Eberle, 13, picked up his bundle of newspapers, loaded it on his bicycle, and pedaled off on his route delivering the Sunday Omaha World-Herald.

A few hours later, complaints started coming into the newspaper; the “sunrise edition” was late. Only three homes along Danny’s route in Bellevue, Neb., a quiet Omaha suburb, had gotten their delivery.

Danny’s father, Leonard, went out to search and found his son’s bicycle, with the papers, propped up against a fence near the start of his route. “He was proud of that bike,” Leonard Eberle told reporters — there was no way he would have left it, at least not willingly.

Three days later, investigators found Danny’s body, bound ankle and wrist, in a wooded area near the Offutt Air Force Base. There were eight stab wounds, as well as slashes and human bite marks on his body, but no signs of sexual assault.

The hunt for his killer was the most intense the region had ever seen. Local troublemakers — sex offenders and pedophiles — were hauled in as possible suspects, but quickly ruled out. A hypnotist was called to help witnesses retrieve clear memories. A local bank offered a $40,000 reward for information. FBI psychological profiler Robert Ressler provided an analysis of the killer — white, young, and sexually ambivalent.

None of it led to anything in time to prevent another tragedy.

On Dec. 2, Christopher Paul Walden, 12, son of an Air Force officer stationed at Offutt, vanished on his way to school. Hunters found his body on Dec. 5, his throat slashed and body mutilated.

There were no breaks until January, when a church nursery school director noticed a suspicious-looking character in a car hanging around near the school.

As she wrote down his license plate number, he attacked, screaming he was going to kill her. She managed to get away and reported the incident and the license number to police.

The car was a rental that was traced to Air Force radar technician John Joubert, 20, stationed at Offutt.

He fit the profile the FBI had conjured up for the murderer and resembled composite sketches pulled from witness memories.

An unusual kind of rope, containing about 100 different fibers, was found among his belongings. It matched the rope that had been used to bind Danny’s hands and feet. The rope had been manufactured in Korea, and was rarely used in the United States.

When detectives mentioned the rope to him, Joubert quickly confessed. He said he was glad he had been caught because he was certain he would kill again, Ressler wrote in “Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI.”

Joubert’s life appeared to have been one long, simmering rage. He was born in Lawrence, Mass., but moved with his mother to Portland, Maine, after his parents divorced. He had an IQ of 123, was an Eagle Scout, and, like one his victims, had a paper route.

Fantasies of violence and cannibalism erupted when he was very young. At just 6, around the time his parents’ marriage unraveled, he said he had dreamed of strangling his baby-sitter and eating her body. He would later say that these horrific musings were provoked by seeing his father try to strangle his mother.

Violence did not remain trapped in his imagination for long. In December 1979, he stabbed a 6-year-old girl with a pencil as he pedaled past her on his bicycle. Similar attacks started happening in areas near Portland, but the assailant was never caught.

fter the Nebraska murders, investigators looked into unsolved cases in Maine. One bore Joubert’s signature. Ricky Stetson, 11, had gone out jogging on Aug. 22, 1982. He was later found stabbed in the chest. Like Danny, he had been mutilated and bitten, but there was no sign of sexual molestation.

Joubert was tried for the Stetson killing and received a life sentence in Maine. In Nebraska, he pleaded guilty to the two murders and got the death penalty.

During his confession, a detective asked him if he would kill again if he got out of jail. “That’s my big worry,” Joubert said. “It’s scaring me quite a bit, yes.”

For a dozen years on Death Row, Joubert pored over law texts, read Albert Camus, Sigmund Freud, Ernest Hemingway and the works of other literary lights, lifted weights, and learned to draw.

Two of his drawings depicted scenes of violence reminiscent of the murders. In Mark Pettit’s book, “A Need to Kill: The Death Row Drawings,” the author said he obtained copies of the artwork in 2014 and asked crime profilers for their opinions. To them, the drawings suggested that Joubert would find his murderous impulses impossible to resist, and would likely kill other kids.

As his execution date neared, Joubert insisted he was a changed man. He said he had even found a first love, a woman in Ireland who had been corresponding with him as a pen pal.

In his appeals, he argued that the electric chair was cruel and unusual punishment. Capt. Jeff Davis of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s department told the Associated Press, “No matter what they do to him, nothing is going to take away the horror and terror those children felt, let alone what their parents will go through all their lives.”

Pleas for clemency went to the U.S. Supreme Court, but in the end, Joubert kept his date with the electric chair on July 17, 1996.


What Kind Of Woman Are You According To Your Sleeping Position?

Have you watched your resting designs and pondered concerning why you rest in a specific stance? If not then perhaps you would do today...